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Ladder Tool Holder

Single Tool Holder

ladder tool holder

Dual Tool Holder

ladder tool holder

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Welcome to Ladder Tool Holder for Drill & Driver plus Bits. This is the website for innovative tools from Bravo Industries– for home, trade and industry professionals. The Ladder Tool Division of Bravo Industries is the world market leader for innovative  tool accessories. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation.

Dual Tool Holder

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As a professional, a lot is expected of you: speed, reliability, competence, endurance – in short: excellent results. So isn’t it only fair to demand the same from your tools holders for drill & driver?


The professional tools from Bravo are engineered for convenience– meeting the highest standards in convenience and safety for great, professional work results. Ladder Tool Holder for Drill & Driver from Bravo – For everyone.

Our company manufactures 3 ladder tool holders for Drill & Driver use in any construction project. For industrial or home use. Built for safety, convenience  & with strong lightweight construction

Dual Tool Holder

clients feedback

rock solid trust in our services

I found the ladder tool holder lightweight and convenient to use. Allowed me to work faster and safer.while holding the driver.
Terry F
I use the ladder tool holder in all my home projects. Saves me from going back and forth to my workbench.
Sandra F
I love this ladder tool holder speed up my work while using the driver. I can stay on the ladder and complete the job. What a time save.
Hardeep G
As a gutter installer I was very happy to use the tool holder driving the screws much faster as the holder helped a lot. A great place to store my hand tools & accessories.
Brett B
gutter install

start your project & finish faster with drill & Driver holder on the ladder at any height What a time saver

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